A career is like top sport

Before I begin, I will introduce myself. My name is Jeffrey van der Heijden CEO of the interactive design company, 'Combine Designs'. In my spare time, I read a lot of blogs that are related to design or entrepreneurship, and as I often notice that I learned a lot from this, I wanted to put my own vision on some subjects online, so hopefully, the one who is reading this will enjoy it and think that it is handy.

In this first article, we are talking about the fact that if you want to make a career in any industry, you must tackle the profession you are doing as if you are performing at the highest level of your favorite sports. That, like athletes, you need to keep it in mind 7 days a week 24 hours a day. And no, this does not mean that you have to keep working throughout the day, certainly not, but that you have to tackle all the points and especially keep practicing with everything that may happen in your industry.

"That, like athletes, you need to keep it in mind 7 days a week 24 hours a day."

In what industry you are working, if you want to grow within the company or just in your field, you must always be involved. What exactly does this mean? "Do I have to check my work email, if I having a beer on a Saturday night with my friends? ". No, of course not, this is not what I mean by it, of course, you can drink beer with friends on Saturday night, more strongly, I recommend you, that you just put your thoughts in work or work-related topics down. What I mean is that if you know that you are all hangover Sunday because of the beer and you do not do anything anymore that Sunday, it's probably a good idea to drink a little less so that you can do your job the next day, or just do that exercise that you were willing to do.

Do you think that none of the top players ever drink an alcoholic drink? off course they do, but not the day before a game! They will choose whenever possible and when not.

What else I meant is that when you get up in the morning, you already know what is on your agenda for that day, this shows that you know what is going on and which thinks you still need to do, besides that it is out of the question, that you will sleep more comfortably. You will not lose ± 40 minutes in organizing your calendar for that day the next morning.

Plan when to do something, and how long it will take to take care of this. This way you know what to do for that day, when to do it and how long it will take you to do it. The advantage of this is, that you know if you can go for that beer this week or next week.

"Practice, practice and practice again"

Nobody ever wondered how it could be that a top sportsman got so well, everybody knows that it's because the sportsman or sportswoman constantly wants to improve himself, he or she has been training for hours. Practice, practice and practice again, of course, there will also be some talent, but this alone will not save you. An athlete begins his day with a good breakfast, which is something that is also very important for you, not only physically (where the breakfast of an athlete is based on) but also mentally. Because with this part of your body you'll practice your sport.

Once breakfast is eaten, an athlete will train. You can also do this before you have to go to work, read fixed-term articles, watch a vlog or go on research on that one problem that you encountered yesterday. This is training in your field, learn more about the problem that is bothering you all the time.

After that, you're going to work, write down at work, where you're having troubles with or what you do not fully understand so that you can take this under further notice after your work. Then you can learn about it at home, and then of course, "practice, practice and practice again".

It is with good reason that everybody always tells you that if you really want to know something about a certain subject or tool you need to work at least 100 hours at it.

And last but not least, a sportsman always shows people that one is ready for a higher step or that one is not ready yet but is working his ass off to make it to that point that he is ready. It's logical that you want to get the best out of your career, so speak out, let colleagues and friends (because maybe there's a chance for you at another company) know what your ambitions are and what you're doing or already have done to achieve this. If you do not tell people or show this, how does your boss know that you are the perfect fit for that new/free function you worked so hard for!

Hopefully, you will find it interesting and even can learn something from it.

(if you got some feedback for me about my first article, let me know!)

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